The Shipping & Logistics department supports the trading profile through market intelligence and reputable association with major and specialized owners and operators in the shipping market.

Vessels Handled (Cumulative)

2021 - 1,071 Vessels
2016 - 403 Vessels
2012 - 36 Vessels


From negotiation to finalizing competitive freight contracts, we charter and operate, in excess of a 100 vessels per year, with a complete post fixture support and service including all requisite operational, technical and legal aspects in-house.
We specialize in providing efficient shipping solutions and services to cater to our customers with a particular emphasis to provide a reliable and competitive freight component.

Post Fixtures Operations

We emphasize on the meticulous monitoring and management of our vessels with the intention to deliver the utmost efficiency and economy by ensuring a smooth voyage, and a swift turn-around for our customers.


We offer our customers, upon request, a customized and complete turnkey solution based service, with the inclusion of both seaborne as well as land transport to our Suppliers/Receivers to and from the factory site.